Health Plans

Scalable engagement to mitigate risk for your costliest populations

Our Difference: AI and Voice, Delivers the
Industry’s Highest Engagement

Close gaps in care and achieve positive ROI

VIANOVA Health AI and Voice based solution allows the engagement of plan members at an unprecedented scale, without requiring any complex, expensive technology.

Our phone first, the multimodal approach allows you to meet your members were they are technologically, engage your at-risk members in a healthy, proactive dialogue and dramatically close gaps in care.

VIANOVA Health scalable care coordination, management and monitoring is proven to improve outcomes, reduce avoidable readmissions and generate proven savings in Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Dual Eligible populations.

Transforming Healthcare Engagement

Best in a class technology solution that monitors, manages and tracks care plan and medication adherence at the population and
individual patient level. Supporting clinical, financial and operational goals, with no disruption to workflow.

Stratify Population

Customize from 100’s of Care Plan templates. Deploy in any language.

Remote Monitor

Multi-model communication. No expensive technology required.

Actionable Insights

Robust reporting via secure dashboard provides revolutionary data optics. Integrate with EMR, optional.

Alert Clinicians

Automatically identifies patients needing attention, in real time.

We Deliver Value To

Health Systems

Support efficient clinical resource utilization to maximize profit


One in three employees have a chronic illness. Improve patient outcome and reduce overall costs with Vianova.

Health plans and insurers

Solve population health and member satisfaction challenges efficiently and effectively with proven ROI

Home health and senior care

Conversationally engage the hardest to reach population of age 65+

Meet Clinical Quality and Performance Goals

Achieve the Quadruple Aim

Lower risk Lower cost Improve outcomes Support caregivers

Meet HEDIS and Other Quality Measures

Quality and compliance Operations strategy Clinical programs Provider/member engagement Data and reporting

Enable Value-Based Care Delivery

Seamless shift to MACRA/MIPS Improve health of populations Care Coordination at scale Maximize value around patient Best practices, transparency, reporting and system collaboration

Total Approach to Care for Your Most Vulnerable, Costly and Difficult to Reach Populations

Medicare and medicare advantage

Simple telephone-based engagement to support maximum reach

Medicaid and managed medicaid

Care exteder model to drive effective care of chronic and vulnerable populations

Dual eligible and other at-risk

Check in Care Calls on any landline or mobile phone device

Population Health Management and Member
Engagement Strategy

Benefit for Payer

Customize communications based on risk

Reducethe risk of entire populations

Improve health outcomes

Lower healthcare costs

Close gaps in care to improve ROI

Benefit for Members

Customize communications based on risk

Reducethe risk of entire populations

Improve health outcomes

Lower healthcare costs

Close gaps in care to improve ROI