Offer caregiving benefit to employees to decrease healthcare costs and absenteeism. Improve the well-being and productivity of the workforce. Boost positive culture and employee engagement.

The Fact is, Everyone Can Use a Little Help

Employers will become increasingly “Caregiver Friendly”

“Family caregiving is an issue that affects the vast majority of us. We are either caregivers now, have been in the past, will be in the future or will need care ourselves,” said AARP Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer Nancy LeaMond. “Of today’s 40 million family caregivers, 24 million are juggling caregiving responsibilities and employment. – SOURCE: Northeast Business Group on Health

Track and Manage Loved-ones Health on the Go

Discover the Only Caregiving App that Helps Employee Caregivers Stay Proactively Connected

Care Calls

Get the facts! From well-being to vitals, medications and more. We make it easy for employees to be in the know.

Clear Insights

Quick, clear insights in a comprehensive snapshot of what needs attention. It’s simple and intuitive, so employees can stay more focused at work.

Care on speed dial

Simple configuration of “Click-to-Care” feature lets employee caregivers take action with one-click calling, while loved-ones can use their voice during Care.

Care reports

Vianova makes intelligent sense of it all. Fewer stressful health conversations; reduced phone tag, improved adherence. Better outcomes. Employee has a powerful summary and detailed views and data over time that doesn’t get lost in threads or timelines.

Alerts and notifications

Caregiving employee gets notified in real time of any issues that need attention and can take action with 1 tap. Proactively managing care can avert possible crisis for the loved-one and reduce stress for the caregiver.

Care circles

Employees can even add people to share the caring of loved ones, reducing the need to constantly text or call others. Care circle members may participate as a full Caregivers, for alerts only or as a Quick Call member, for speed-calling, to share the responsibilities with ease.

We Make Caregiving Easier For Your Employees

Discover the Only Caregiving App that Helps Employee Caregivers Stay Proactively Connected

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Starts Caring For Loved Ones

Employee stays focused and productive at work knowing Vianova will send notifications when indicated