Caregiver Family

Keep family caregivers connected integrated mobile and web applications

VIANOVA Offers a Simple Yet Powerful Solution to Help Families
Cope With The Overwhelming Challenge of Juggling Work, Family and Caring For Loved Ones

VIANOVA is a Virtual Healthcare Assistant that regularly monitors and manages the health of a loved one with chronic conditions, physical disabilities, behavioral health challenges, disease and/or simply aging at home. VIANOVA conversationally collects vitals and other well-being information, delivers care instructions and even conveys special, personalized voice messages from family members.

Pharmacy, healthcare providers and appointment management

Household chores for loved one

Monitoring well-being. Taking and reporting vitals.

Medication management & adherence

Arranging transportation and paying bills

Household and family chores

Clinical and non-clinical data about a loved one is located
in a secure, organized place that can be shared with their physician and/or other family members and care teams in real time and at scheduled intervals via weekly email summary.

VIANOVA then notifies the family’s Care Circle as appropriate with messages like, ‘Mom took her meds’, or ‘Dad didn’t sleep well and he is in pain’, or ‘Grandma needs medical supplies.’ The family caregiver is able to proactively respond and respond to the needs through the app or browser’s Care Circle tools in real-time.

EXAMPLE Check in Care Call

Adherence, Wellbeing and Needs Questions

How did you sleep?

How do you feel?

Did you take your medications?

What is your blood pressure?

Do you need anything?

Care Team and Care Circle End-of-Call Transfer Options

Transportation, Food, Medical Supplies, Refills

Intervention, Prevention, Guidance, Needs

Instant Care Circle Notifications (SMS and Email)