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Working together to offer high-quality, affordable care at everyone’s fingertips

Our Difference: AI and Voice, Delivers the
Industry’s Highest Engagement

AI and voice reduces costs and complexity

Many of healthcare’s problems are exasperated by a lack of complete, accurate and timely information.

Technology and automation can address these problems, however static, non-adaptive technology results in low adoption and conversely, technology that involves complicated devices or expensive hardware, loses appeal among users.

We connect simply, starting with a simple telephone call.

VIANOVA, founded in 2017, is a pioneering company that designed the world’s first Virtual Health Assistant to meet the complex needs of people with chronic conditions. Launching our platform in early 2016, we’re now addressing the desire and necessity for improved health engagement and well-being management at the enterprise level.

The beauty of the VIANOVA platform is that it has been purpose-built from end-to-end with evidence-based care plans that can easily be customized for any type of population, condition, procedure, assessment, survey or communication.

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